Introduction to Management Science: Modelling, Optimisation and Probability


Businesses have to cut costs, increase revenue and be profitable. This book aims to introduce Management Science to analyse business challenges and find solutions analytically. Important topics in modelling, optimisation and probability are covered. These include linear and integer programming, network flows and transportation, essential statistics, queueing systems and inventory models. The overall objectives are to enable the reader to increase the efficiency and productivity of businesses; to observe and define challenges in a concise, precise and logical manner; to be familiar with several classical and state-of-the-art operational research techniques and tools; to devise solutions, algorithms and methods that offer competitive advantage to businesses and organisations; and to provide results to management for decision making and implementation. Numerous examples and problems with solutions are given to demonstrate how these concepts can be applied in a business context.

The book is available on BibliU.


Several related videos are available on YouTube.

Math Programming

An online mathematical programming app is available with many optimisation examples (LP, IP, MIP, ...).
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