Top repository - CVRPLIB

The best repository is CVRPLIB. This repository contains Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem instances in an easy accessible way.

Taxonomy of test-instances is explained in Eduardo Uchoa et al. (2017). Below is a summary of the notation used for the instances.

Depot positioning

Customer positioning

Demand distributions

Other repositories


This contains several new instances and mirrors test-instances from other repositories. Go to download folder

A collection of test-instances prepared for the multiple Travelling Salesmen Problem (mTSP). These are available as Matlab files. They were used to gain insights about the Balanced-Dynamic (BD) mTSP. Go to download folder

Some of the above mentioned test-instances were used for:


The VRP Web contains many test instances, including explanations and other material. (NEO=Networking and Emerging Optimization): CVRP instances.


TSPLIB is a classic library about the Travelling Salesman Problem: sTSP, aTSP, CVRP.

ZIB Zuse Institute Berlin


Operations Research Group Bologna

Library, Daniele Vigo.


ABEFMP instances were popular up to about 2010 (ABEFMP each letter represents a class, from Augerat, Eilon, Fisher, Mingozzi, etc.)