Top repository

The best repository is CVRPLIB.

Taxonomy of test-instances

See Eduardo Uchoa et al. (2017) for details

  • Number of customers \(n\)
  • Number of trucks \(k\)

Depot positioning

  • Central (C) depot in the center of the grid, point (50 0,50 0).
  • Eccentric (E) –depot in the corner of the grid, point (0,0).
  • Random (R) –depot in a random point of the grid.

Customer positioning

  • Random (R) –all customers are positioned in random points of the grid.
  • Clustered (C) – a number S of customers that will act as cluster seeds is picked from an uniform discrete distribution UD[3,8]. Next, the S seeds are randomly positioned in the grid. The seeds will then attract, with an exponential decay
  • Random-clustered (RC) - half of the customers are clustered by the above described scheme, the remaining customers are randomly positioned.

Demand distributions

  • Unitary (U) –all demands have value 1.
  • Small values, large CV (1–10) – demands from UD[1,10].
  • Small values, small CV (5–10) – demands from UD[5,10].
  • Large values, large CV (1–100) –demands from UD[1,100].
  • Large values, small CV (50–100) –demands from UD[50,100].
  • Depending on quadrant (Q)
  • Many small values, few large values (SL)

Other repositories


This is mostly a mirror collection of test-instances from other repositories. Go to download folder

Smartana - mTSP

A collection of test-instances prepared for the mTSP. These are available as Matlab files. Go to download folder


The VRP Web contains many test instances, including explanations and other material. (NEO=Networking and Emerging Optimization) - Golden


TSPLIB is a classic library about the Travelling Salesman Problem.

ZIB Zuse Institute Berlin

Operations Research Group Bologna


ABEFMP instances were popular up to about 2010 (ABEFMP each letter represents a class, from Augerat, Eilon, Fisher, Mingozzi, etc.)